About J Creations



Welcome to J Creations, LLC, your one-stop shop for Professional Wedding and Life Events Photography, Videography and Custom Cakes.

Family is the most important aspect of life above all else, and after my youngest children were born, twin boys, I found myself wanting to stay-at-home to care for them and provide more time to my older kids. Staying at home and working would also allow me to continue my passion for being creative and to delve deeper in the the world of culinary and photography journalism.

In the midst of the nation’s economic adversity, I felt the pull to relinquish my career as an Executive Chef. It was a crazy, hustle-bustle world that consumed so many hours of my life in the restaurant arena, and I felt compelled to make a change. Soon after, J Creations, LLC, was born. I strongly believed that I could balance my skills as a chef, cake artist, and photographer and videographer. Life has brought me an abundance of experiences and exposure to different parts of the world in my travels abroad, work experience, and the many people I have met along the way. All of these cornerstones have touched my life in one way or another and I have shaped them into providing a service to you and your family. My new adventures have also allowed me to bring those blessings with me into your life to capture the memories of your special day, whether it is your graduation, engagement, wedding day, the birth of your first child, the day your kids begin their first sport, or the many careers in music and entertainment. We also assist small and big businesses with custom cakes for their celebrations as well as their commercial photography needs.

It has been said, “Photography helps you SEE the world rather than just LOOK at it”…I hope that I can share that with you. I give special thanks to my father who is my inspiration. My father is a man who taught me so much in my childhood and continues to do so. I never would have known photography without his guidance and patience. I remember like it was yesterday, watching him in his darkroom developing pictures, and the first time he allowed me to hold and shoot his camera.

Thank you for stopping by our webpage. Be sure to check out our blog for our stories we make along our new journey. We hope you think of us the next time you need photography, videography, or custom cake services. We are budget-friendly and all-inclusive service, without cutting the quality you deserve.

Jason Beal & J Creations Team
J Creations, LLC
(623) 570-7402

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