Tune to Key of E: Epiphone Dreams

I had the pleasure of working on a unique cake for Gage who turned the Big 16 a couple weeks ago. At the age of 16, Gage’s ear for music is very mature and leans towards vintage rock. I was quite taken-a-back when I learned this, because it is not too often you run into a high school teenager that has a knack for immortal classics. I then learned that Gage’s dream is to own a 1960’s era Epiphone Riviera with sunburst finish. Since the real deal is a little out of reach for now, his family decided to have a special cake designed so that his dream guitar and its details could be kept forever! Gage’s mom plans to have a custom shadow box constructed to put the guitar replica in for keepsakes and to display in his room, since the edible cake portion was the Fender amplifier. Gage’s favorite bands are The Strokes and The Beatles, so they wanted to include that on his cake as well as the Keeley Java Booster pedal. The primary cake flavors were inspired by the spring season, with lemon zinger, passion lemon buttercream, fresh raspberries and a raspberry reduction…

We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Gage! Thank you for letting us be a part of it…

Photography:  Jason Beal,  J Creations
Cake: Jason Beal, J Creations


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