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What is VivePeru?

Our friend, Rubi Bujanda, applied in December, 2012, for a program called VivePeru (, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that sends select volunteer interns from universities within the United States to support partner organizations and adopted communities in Northern Peru. The volunteer programs include Clinical Medicine, Social Work, Engineering, and teaching English and Music. Volunteers work side-by-side with doctors in local clinics and hospitals, volunteer with underprivileged children, and share the love for music or languages with the children of Peru. These programs work together with Peruvian officials to help the local people create self-sustainable communities.

Where is Trujillo, Peru?

Trujillo, Peru, is home to more than 800,000 people, and is the capital of the northern Peruvian coast.  Culture and tradition is what keeps this city’s heart beating as the region is soaked in rich archaeological history and culinary traditions.  Those who reside there are proud to be called Trujillanos and happily flaunt their love of their colonial history, as any one who visits can easily view the abundance of Spanish colonial mansions dripping across the vast greens and streets of the downtown merchant areas.  On any given day, you will see Trujillanos frequenting the local casonas to enjoy the distinct Peruvian cuisine and enjoying their region’s typical dance, the marinera.  foto_trujillo_marinera


Volunteers, like Rubi, will stay in Trujillo and are only a 15-minute bus ride away from some of Peru’s most important historical sites, including the ancient Moche and Chimú administrative and religious centers that predate the Incas by 1500 years.

peru statues

Trujillo, Peru, receives its share of tourists in the thousands on an annual basis, however, any visitor or local can not deny some of the living conditions found in the outlying communities of the city. These areas are often extremely impoverished and underdeveloped and as a result, there is widespread health problems as seen in their local medical facilities. The lack of funding to these areas also result in many medical institutions having to struggle to provide basic care to their communities.


On any visit, you can see that the living conditions range from extremely impoverished to luxurious, and this disparity is transparent in the quality of education in Trujillo. It is an everyday reality that the children from poorer areas of Trujillo are unable to attend better-funded and higher quality private schools.  This region has difficulties in attracting talented teachers to come and work in sub-par educational systems and facilities.  The public school systems in Trujillo are extremely underfunded and can not keep up with the number of children that they desire to serve. Furthermore, administrators would love to be able to develop and provide quality extracurricular programs to their institutions, but are strained in doing so, due to these barriers. We know that these kinds of resources aid in keeping lower-income children off the street and in school.

Through partnerships with universities and non-profit organizations like Vive Peru, areas like Trujillo, Peru, gain in a win-win solution when institutions from within the United States are able to send students from Medicine, Engineering, Social Work and Education to impoverished areas in order to aid in those communities needs.

Rubi was accepted as a volunteer intern to provide English learning for six weeks to a special group of Peruvian children, but she needs your help to get there!


All programs within VivePeru operate on donations, and your contribution is needed!

Rubi departs to Peru in the early part of May and has until April 14th to raise funds to support her in her stay in Trujillo, Peru!
All donations are tax-deductible and you will be provided a receipt of donation.

You can make your donation of $50 or more to enter the raffle, or you can contribute any amount to help her out:

To Pay by Pay Fast with Paypal, click here VivePeru. Be sure to indicate ‘Rubi Bujanda’ on the purpose line.

A list of those who donated will be provided to us and those names will enter the raffle for the free photo shoot! We will announce the winner on April 18th! Thank you for your support and assisting in an important cause!


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