Call of Duty: Birthday Ops

We are celebrating a special young man, Liam, on his birthday, Xbox style!

The best day of the year is your birthday and we were so happy to help his mom, Michella, surprise her son, Liam, with a birthday cake he would never forget! Every nine-year old boy deserves an Xbox cake! What is better than playing Xbox? Eating one!

xbox cake-7
Liam turns 9!

xbox cake-1
We modeled our cake after the white Xbox 360 and black Xbox 360 Slim models and stacked them, so that Liam’s fondant character, has a good view while he plays his games!

xbox cake-3
We think he is playing one of his favorite games, Halo, and chatting with his friends from his communicator headset.

xbox cake-5

We wish Liam a very Happy Birthday, and hope he enjoyed his cake as much as we did making it for him!

Photography: J Creations
Custom Design Cake: J Creations

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