Pour Mon Mari Avec Amour, Cece

A little over a week ago, we had the pleasure of helping Ms Cece find the perfect Valentine’s surprise for her hubby–she chose to reveal her sensuality through beautiful boudoir photos! Cece was recently wed to her husband, Ron, and she was looking for a great way to celebrate the language of love on their Valentine’s Day together.

Cece is lead female vocalist for Rhythm Edition Band, and on her off-day, she was able to come in to our studio ready for a fun and classy experience. We were thrilled that she would let us share some photos here. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we did!

cece boudoir-1

cece boudoir-3 cece boudoir-11

cece boudoir-21

cece boudoir-22 cece boudoir-31

cece boudoir-36

cece boudoir bw-15

cece boudoir-29

Thanks to the art and science of photography, we were able to capture this beautiful Latina siren in these photos–what a great shoot!

Photography: J Creations, Jason Beal
Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

All Rights Reserved Copyright J Creations, LLC.

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