Some Say Tunnel Vision, I Say Dinner Vision…

What does Shrimp Crustini have anything to do with photojournalism?

So, I’ve been contemplating blogging for quite sometime now.  The problem was, I didn’t really know where to start.  “What should I blog?”, “What do I want to tell people?”  Truth is, I’m still not sure.  BUT, I think that if I’m going to start somewhere, I may as well start with food.  ; )

Tonight’s dinner inspired me.  I sat at the dinner table staring at my food thinking “WOW, food is like photography”.   Before I was a photographer, I was a chef,… well, I guess I still am a chef.  Just not a  professional one, anymore.  I think food and pictures have a lot in common.  They both have a way of speaking to your soul.  They both create emotion,  can touch you on a personal level, can create fear, and definitely build confidence.  Take for instance, preparing a meal for the first time.  You follow all the steps making sure not to short cut. You adjust seasonings, taste here, taste there.  Finally the end result.   Is it good?  Do I dare try?  What about allowing others to taste?  Will they ever want to try my food again….same basic rules apply to photography.  Without all the proper ingredients:  exposure, aperture, ISO, speed, setting, you won’t get a great end result.  So my thoughts are, as I am human, if I produce horrible pictures, my clients won’t come back.  They will leave with a somewhat “upset stomach” and never give me another chance.  Each time I meet with a client, we are creating a recipe, so to speak.  They give me the basic details of what they would like.  From there, I create a plan. That plan is then used to create One Big Plan to make sure that the end result is a happy client with a great product.  Images they will show off at home, their place of work, with friends and family.   Images that will have them always coming back, “hungry for more…”

Strange, staring at tonight’s dinner made me think of this.  Inspiration can come from places you least expect.  Anyhow, I thought I would take a moment and share what I made for dinner:


Shrimp crustini– poached shrimp on toast with roasted garlic, scallion cheese with red pepper and jicama.

J's Shrimp Crustini

J’s Shrimp Crustini

Main Course is Chicken Wellington,a lighter version, of course, is a pan-seared chicken breast topped with mushroom duxelle, embraced in fillo dough. But you’ll have to keep following for my next post to get the full recipe.  Thanks for reading!



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